Posted on 2.06.2011

Goodnight, sweet dreams

After the relaxing bath with sugar and vanilla body lotion, I had, it's time to go to sleep, cause tomorrow is Monday, unfortunately, and I have school. Hope you liked my posts, new posts and shoots are to follow. 

Here's a song to listen and sleep tight.


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Today's inspiration


(via weheartit)

A lot of inspiration!

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Topshop I'm in love

Last year my cousin, who was studying in London, bought me these babies.
Was it love at first sight? From the first time I saw them I knew that they were going to be mine, sometime. Even though they are sandals, they are lovely both  for summer and winter.
Lovely with socks and lovely naked. In love. ♥

Posted on 2.05.2011

Favorite dress

Dress and ring: H&M

I bought this dress on sales. 
I was searching for a night dress and it suddenly appeared in front of me. 
Lucky me! Anyway, I am in love with it, it's full of sequins and fits me like a glove.

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Crème de la crème


Smoothness and cosiness.

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Shoes shoes shoes


Women's best friend!

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Coat obsession

I really must buy a fur like Ashley's. Ofcourse faux fur. 
It's so chic and delicate at the same time.

Posted on 2.03.2011



I adore these photos. 
The style, the icons, the makeup, the blogger. Everything. 
Chanel half - tints, black lips, chic outfits, taupe clothes, innocence !

Posted on 2.02.2011

Boys job

Just like boys.
Off white shirt, 50 den tights and black suede oxfords.
Messy hair and messy smokey.

Posted on 2.01.2011



Influence: MKA Olsen

I am in love with this book and this over oversized bag.

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I am going to reopen my blog. This one I think suits me better. Inspriration collages and stuff I like and I am going to buy, photoshoots and photos in general, are to follow. Well, pretty much of it. I welcome me, back!